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Well Topaz, we agree the tool isn't even an option. After looking at the design of the mounts, we figure extracting wouldn't be impossible - we've done similar here at my shop, but reinstalling would be a nightmare without the tool. That was confirmed with our convos with our local Euro specialty shops who've tried it without the tool.

In respect to the "no noticeable difference in ride", keep in mind, I'm not just looking for a super smooth ride I can cut a diamond on, I'm having a SEVERE issue with vibration - to the point that any other trained technician would initially insist that there's an out of round/separating tire in the back. I've swapped wheels, tires, installed new tires and repositioned the wheels on the car (front to rear & left to right) just for good measure. I do know these mounts are cracked badly and when we leverage a breaker bar in the mount/frame there is WAY too much movement. To test the theory, we loosened each of the mounts and wedged used sway link bushings in between the mount and the bottom cap. We torqued the bolts down again just to see what would happen: The crazy bouncing at 65+ was all but gone and the vibration "run on" after hitting any bumps in the rear was about 75% better.

We're very confident these Lemforder mounts are every bit as good as the OE BMW. I'll follow up next week when we complete the repairs. I'm STILL waiting on the tool we ordered from our BMW dealer. Evidently there was only one more of these kits in the US and it was coming from PA. Looking forward to seeing the tool kit today or Monday at the latest.
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