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Yep, the vibration is unreal. The reason I bought the tool is 3 fold: 1) I didn't want to wait 6-8 weeks to rent it from one of our fellow Bimmerfest brothers. 2) I have an auto repair shop and buying a $300 tool is just one of those necessary evils at times. 3) I know I could always resell it to someone here or eBay or rent it out like some of the other guys here.

You're right though. If Topaz has a sedan vs the wagon, these mounts are a different monster with a different effect when they're shot. Also, I appreciate the tip in respect to the removal vs. installation. Removing worn bushings that you're going to replace is typically not a big worry for us becuase you can butcher them up all you want to - since you're not going to save them for anything anyway. We were expecting the new ones to be hard to get started even with the tool. Sounds like you have the experience and a few other threads I've read are all about in agreement, just lube the hell out of them to get them started and PB the hell out of the old ones to get them out a little eaiser.
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