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It has been known by most that the temperature gauge on the E39 is "dampened" such that the needle on this gauge will remain approx. dead center over a range of coolant temperatures, but to now know that this range is 75 degrees-113 degrees C is ridiculous in my mind. I can see BMW wanting owners to feel safe and not get overly excited about needle swings up or down, but I think if the gauge was not dampened to this degree, we might be able to observe trends in our cars before they become "critical". Most that have reported sudden over-heating state that one minute the gauge was dead center and then all of a sudden it shot up to "pegged" at the over-heated end and they were trying quickly to find a place to immediately pull-over. I believe if BMW trusted owners to be able to see what is really going on temperature-wise on our cars, we could decide for ourselves whether we need to take proactive action based upon driving our cars everyday and getting used to "what is normal". I just love that BMW feels a need to protect us from reality! "WE CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH"-says Jack.
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