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Originally Posted by gary@germanautosolutions View Post
Would there be any interest in a nice looking supplemental digital gauge that connected to the OEM sensor? Where do think it should mount, and what do you think it would have to be priced at to be a viable selling product?

Just curious because I don't have enough on my plate right now.

Gary, what would be really neat would be to have an actual coolant temperature readout WITH a user adjustable set point for an audible alarm. I am not aware that there is anything that BMW gives us that is readily audible that tells us that there is "coolant over-temp" except maybe the ding we hear when DIC says it is 37 degrees outside or the trunk lid is open. It could be easy to not hear if the radio is on and if you happen to not be scanning the dash every minute as you drive, your window to pull-over and shut of is a matter of how quickly you happen to see either the gauge move-up or see the coolant over-temp message. With at least your heads on the line if you fail to shut down your car quickly enough, you would think BMW would want us to have as much "heads-up" as possible. Or, would they rather give us the least warning as automotive engineering can supply so that we melt our heads and must buy more parts and labor from BMW. No one hear thinks BMW would engineer-in the likely hood of a melt-down by dampening the gauge to uselessness and then only providing a visual warning at the very last minute to help us save our investment. A real digital gauge with an adjustable alarm temp. that either lights a bright as hell LED or makes a high-pitched squeal or both. I have thought of building such an alarm since buying the car.
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