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Originally Posted by Tom1.9 View Post
Has anybody heard of the Eisenmann Quad Tip exhaust for the 1.9? It does require some modifications... not a lot of people seem to know about those exhausts for the 1.9. On youtube there is a video of the quad tip and it sounds awesome. I just don't know if it would be too loud?
There is probably a reason that nobody knows. I don't see how that exhaust for a 6-cylinder would fit on a 1.9. It would require removal of the 1.9's spare tire carrier for the right muffler, maybe the battery well would still be in the way, special hangers would have to be devised, and a cut would have to be made in the right side of the bumper. An exhaust system that is made to handle the output of 3.0 liters might sound odd on 1.9 liters.
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