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Originally Posted by Supermax View Post

This I completely disagree with. As an owner of a stripped E90, I can say that I'm excited every time I have to drive my car somewhere. I love the way it looks, the interior, and of course the way it drives. And I don't even have power seats!

It just depends on what you compare it with. Compared to your current car, yeah, it may seem a bit outdated and let's be honest...maybe even in a totally different car category. But compared to anything I owned before, it's amazing. As far as actual driving, it's definitely no slouch, and it still has a real sporty suspension, unlike yours And a stripped F30 will actually have more stuff than a stripped E90...just have to do your research and add DHP (or sports line) to get the real BMW feel.

It seems that perhaps we have a different understanding of the word "performance". For me it means just the actual driving performance of the car. And BMW hasn't lost that with the F30, even if you get a completely stripped car with DHP.

Lastly, have to give credit where it's due. It's people like you that allowed people like me to find this stuff out and get it right before ordering
I think what you and I are getting tripped up on is the term "value".

A 335i with the mandatory DHP is $45,000. That is without the premium package, without the technology package, without the cold weather package, no line, bland wheels, etc. There is nothing wrong with that if someone wants to go there, but it's no value by any stretch of the word.

A $45,000 328i, different story. A $45,000 320i, that's approaching a very good value. Both of those cars at that price are very well-equipped and very competitive to other luxury brands. Let me know if that makes sense to you, as I want to make sure that we're talking the same language here.

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