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Originally Posted by Supermax View Post
I admit I forgot about the 320i. But I feel that car is basically just a marketing ploy. It doesn't make much sense to me. I feel that just about everybody buying this car is getting it to say "I own a BMW", not because they truly love it.

I'd rather see BMW release the 4 door 1 series in the US. My wife owns a 2008 4-door hatchback 120i in Europe, and it's an awesome car. Just a perfect entry level BMW that still drives exactly like a BMW. That should be the low budget BMW option. Sigh.

You're right BJ....with the 320i, I think some people will be pretty upset when their car doesn't handle like they thought it should. That's where you come in and console them, letting them know life is still possible without DHP But with a stripped 328i with DHP, I think people still get a whole lot of car with a lot of value.
Nobody else makes a car like the 320i - is there another car I can buy for $35k that is rear drive, 6 speed manual, M sport suspension and manual sport seats, no moonroof - the perfect track car setup? This would be the lightest 3 series possible, and should handle great with that light motor up front.

I can't think of any other maker who sells a car like that. That's what's great about BMW. But I agree, a smaller 1 series sedan would be nice, and BMW is supposedly going to give us that.
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