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I like the X1 35i a lot - $50K fully loaded and I believe hydraulic steering - however my German shepherd dog's kennel does not fit so the X1 was a non-starter.

Personally for me I need the sport seats - I am 6' 3" tall and the regular seats are too uncomfortable for me. I also like the M Steering wheel and the look of the 19" wheels. Dynamically, I would guess that a non M Sport car with DHP would be equivalent to one equipped with M Sport and DHP but I am not certain - I always considered M Sport to be a very nice styling exercise.

HUD? Not for me I really do not like it. My M3 was in the shop for 10 days after I hit a sink hole and the 535ix loaner had HUD. Had a chance to get up close and personal with HUD and I still did not care for it. Many consider it to be an essential option.

You have only good choices let your own needs and desires guide you.
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