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mine does not have the big factory sticker, just a smaller BEHR sticker with a smaller sticker with 'G', so apparently, mine has been replaced sometime in the past. Since there is no room to see anything, I am cleaning everything that is not clean, and am going to look for new spots and drips, if there are any. I am curious about spots of old red fluid under the power steering area. And caked dirt. There is no fresh oil under the power steering unit. It looks like several parts have been replaced on my engine and other.

The valve cover gasket looks like it was replaced. The radiator looks to have been replaced, that big factory sticker is not on it. And maybe some power steering leak may have been fixed, as the hoses and connections are dry even though there was prior fluid under it on the engine. Very hard to hand clean, doing it in small stages with simple green, and paper towels. The Alternator looks original, or at least if ever replaced was with factory part, as it has the BMW sticker on it.

What joy to drive after al those years in an old economy car.
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