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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
The info use to be on the BMW USA website, but I guess they took it off. Here is some info on Wiki:


BMW is including the technology across many of its cars and the MINI line for 2008 as part of its Efficient Dynamics brand. BMW has been interested in ways to reduce parasitic losses on engines, so the company took the technology a step further. Instead of using an integrated starter generator, BMW has used an enhanced-starter which is nothing more than a conventional starter, developed by Robert Bosch GmbH, that can withstand the increased number of engine-starts in a stop-start vehicle. BMW has developed the system such that the alternator is not activated most of the time. This means that electrical components in the vehicle are normally running on battery power. When the battery needs to be charged or when decelerating or braking, the alternator is activated to recharge the battery (regenerative braking). Since this battery experiences very different load characteristics than a normal car battery, BMW used an absorptive glass mat type instead. Due to the use of regenerative braking, some have started calling this type of system a micro hybrid, a step below a mild hybrid system where the ISG can be used to assist the engine or even drive the vehicle."
Wow - that actually goes into and answers some other questions I had. Thanks for sharing! Can you link to that article? I want to read more about it. EDIT: nevermind, found it:
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