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Originally Posted by dtownx3 View Post
Hey Capobranco,

Yup, I've got the whoosh at high speed, as would be expected for something sitting so high. I think it's a build quality issue. Something is definitely not to spec, since they demo I drove on an identical road at identical speed within 10 minutes of each other didn't exhibit the noise.

Maybe the sheer awesomeness of the 35i makes the noise disappear.
Ha Ha! - yeah, the 35i in all its awesomeness, is a very entertaining ride and totally deserving the moniker "BMW - TUDM". I do not think the very slight wind noise, that I find unobtrusive, is a build quality issue - IMO more a design issue related to the very large mirrors. There is no noise at legal speeds. Your point about height is a good one - at some point - something as large and up right as an X3 is going to create some noise. Overall I find my X3 to be a very quiet cruiser. BTW I am wildly ecstatic that BMW endowed the 35i with a very sporting exhaust note - not only does it feel like a BMW - it sounds like a BMW - vroommm!
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