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Thank you all for the input.
I agree age may have its toll on cylinders etc but Wouldn`t that show bad on a leak down or compression test? Our commute one way is 45kms and only in traffic sometimes, but never less that 45kms ...20-30 minutes...I am curious to know if the temps get to 212 in winter as it is cold here..not in germany
Only find it funny to be a one day to the next was never drawn out, no whistle in oil cap, no signs, no heavy oil consumption...engine just smoked, 2 seconds later hyrolocked, I shut all down and I changed all parts and full oil change at same..havent done 1500 kms yet since it was all done and I have already had 2 cloggs with smoke hydrolock though...I cant even wait till 2500 kms to change my oil again..lets forget about manufacturers recommendation or quicker oil changes...does not make sense.

Let`s say whatever at this point....To resolve my issues do you think our catch can setup will do the trick permenantly, just emptying the water droplets out everyso often? (once a week or less-more as needed) I really like the truck but hate that every time my wife call`s me it could be to say that she is on the side of the road with my 2 young kid`s broke down again

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