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Originally Posted by rikwynn View Post
Everyone on the planet realizes that the F10 is overweight and doesn't handle well. BMW went too far to the 7 side of the equation with the F10 and strayed too far from the E90 feel of the previous generation. That's essentially the problem with all of the F10 models from the 528 all the way up to the M5. Theres no reason to defend the M5, practically every auto mag says the same thing...the M5 is no longer the best sport sedan in the world. it's too heavy and the electronic steering which was used to save fuel sucks. Theres really no debate on this...Ive owned 2 E92s and now the F10 Msport and the F10 drives more like a good GM car than it does my E92.
I agree although I do consider myself an M5 hater. IMO the M5 is impressive sporty fast executive express offering high doses of luxury and tech. However, ultimately the inherent bulk and girth of the F10 M5 limits its lust factor for me. BTW the M5 retains hydraulic steering.
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