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Unhappy Have a frustrated problem with driving at morning

Hello Everybody

I'm new member in the forum

Just bought 2004 5X recently (Few weeks ago) and I have a little frustrating problem. When I turn on my car in the morning or after long parking (mainly more than 6-8 hrs), the car doesn't respond to my pedaling on the fuel. I keep pushing the fuel pedal for few seconds till it respond.

For me, it seems that the transmission doesn't pick up or link. Sorry.....I'm not expert or mechanic....

After that the car is ok!. Even if I turn off the car for few hours and drive again, the problem is not there as long as the stop is for few hours. The problem doesn't appear unless the car is parked for long time and cold....otherwise this specific problem is not there!!!

Also, I feel like the car is not picking up easily and not accelerating well....kinda heavy .... as if it is pulling or towing something heavy

I'm the second owner...and I called the first owner inquiring about such problem. He indicated that this is normal in BMW.....(sounds weird to me!!!). He said that when he bout it and found the problem from day one he took it to the dealer and they said it is normal and related to some hydraulic pressure built up in the morning. He recommended me to push the gas 3-4 times at the morning after turning the car on until it picks up

For me is not normal..and not fun
I'm driving BMW not Fespa motorcycle... and BMW driving should be fun not pain in the neck

I'm really frustrated

Does anybody out there know about the problem and can help

Your recommendation and feedback is greatly appreciated

Thank you
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