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Please Please, need help. I dont know what else to check

Hello, I am having issue after issue with my 2001 540I. A few months ago, I went through the car wash then it died on me and a message came on that said, engine fail safe prog. The car would start but turn off right away. After checking it with an OBD2 reader it gave me throttle body P Codes. I was convinced it was the throttle body so I bought a new one from the dealer. When I installed the new throttle body it still did not work and it still gave me the engine fail safe prog. I check the codes again and this time, it gave me a camshaft position sensor bank 1. So I switched the sensors to see if it would give me an error on the other side. When I tried to start the car, it would just crank and crank but never turned on like before. I check the codes again and it gave me 15 codes but it also gave me camshaft position sensor bank 2. So I bought the sensor and put it on. When I got into my car to start it up, it does not do anything and my temp gauge is on the hot position and my battery and oil light are on. I then checked the codes again but this time there is no connection. It is telling me Not Connected to ECU. What is going on? Can anyone give me some advise as what to check. My last resort is take it to a shop
I don't know what else to check.
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