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Originally Posted by Fir3n5m0ke View Post
If you have a tape-deck or any sort of aux cord already, bluetooth is less than $50 away. Attach a 3.5mm-bluetooth dongle and be done with it. I have a tape deck and thusly a tape adapter($20) on my 2000 540i. I've attached a $20 bluetooth dongle to the headphone jack at the end of the tape adapter. That's it. Instant bluetooth streaming. If you buy a bluetooth dongle without a mic you will be required to disconnect from bluetooth to take calls. Find one with a mic and you're set.
no auxillery that I am aware of.. only the indash stereo system,, and the stock control unit int he trunk, nothing ele... just pre-wired for the phone back in 2001. oh yeah, and the Dice unit for iPod is on a cable connected to the the sound system through a cable that suspposedly goes to the trunk unit. I have never connected the dice up, and it only has the ipod connector, no auxilery on that, would have to buy the media bridge, and (Walmart has them supposedly for about $105.00, or many other places online, offline). And that would give me auxillery and USB.
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