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I just got a pair of Bridgestone Turanza EL42 tires on the front of my 12 X-3 35. Man! what a difference from those Pirelli P7 Cinturatos. At 10,000 miles the Pirellis started to show cupping on the front and the steering got really loose. the dealer suggested a front back rotation and an alignment. Now the rear is noisy with those crappy tires back there, and it still had very poor steering control. at 16,000 miles i got lucky and had a nail in the rear tire. I opted to lose the two rear tires with the cupping and got two Bridgestones up front. Wow! quiet, steering is awesome! i am anxious to get the rears replaced too. i can now steer with two fingers and a thumb on the highway instead of two hands with white knuckles. i would have opted for the Michelins but the dealer did not have them in stock. I may have gotten a bad set of Pirellis but i will never go back. Michelin, Continental, or Bridgestone have been best for me with my BMW's.
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