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Originally Posted by thegandalf View Post

Do you know if the LED lighting package will also make it to the F30? Or does that seem to be something that would only come when the LCI comes out?
Could go either way. Initially BMW said the 4 was going up market, which would match how the 5 and 6 are prices and options. But now the pricing has been confirmed in line with the current 3 coupe so that throws the up market idea out the window to some degree. If they're going up market with it then I can see the LEDs being coupe only. My gut reaction is they'll hold the LEDs on the sedan as a LCI feature. That is something people want, making it a great LCI item, especially if the sedan is selling well already.

Originally Posted by Robert A View Post
How do you know they're not testing an all-new engine? Or maybe it's a 335d with twin exhausts.
The next generation of engines won't hit the F30 3 series or the F32 4 series until LCI. The 3 cylinder version will go into the i8 in 2014. After that it will be worked into other models in other configurations e.g. 4 and 6 cylinder and diesel variants. As there are no other new engine technologies on the horizon and the relatively close to production status of the 'B' family of engines it is the logical conclusion. Read more about the new engines here -

Originally Posted by rdkind62 View Post
I just read a little blip from Motor Trend and they have the same set of pics, but they are describing it as the 440i. Regardless of the name I think it is going to be a beautiful car and I fully believe it will have the N55 engine as there have been absolutely no reports of any other possible engine.
The US production bulletin I posted above clearly shows the F32 4 series coupe as a 428i and a 435i. There was a lot of rumors that they were going to roll out a new engine and possibly bump the naming to 440i but that has clearly not happened.


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