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Originally Posted by BarryM View Post
If you have very small hands and can stand on your head you can replace the hedgehog just by popping off the cover in the footwell.

As far as servicing goes I think you'd be a mug to try and extend any service intervals. My annual oil change will mean that it's only done about 5k miles but the one thing you can't really fix yourself is a worn engine so to me it's the best insurance you can get. As with any E39 you'll want to be handy with a spanner as I wouldn't want to be putting the car into a garage every time you get a little niggle.

If you can get a good one you shouldn't find any issues with the Alpina upgrades, as I said earlier it's just the regular E39 issues which are part of the fun of owning a 10 year old car.
I believe on RHD cars that the hedgehog is slightly more accessible on the E39 than E46, but I guess I'll find out. Yeah, I'm not proposing to service it less often than the service indicator suggests, but it was really a question about whether to service according to the service indicator or more often. I will probably only be doing a couple of thousand miles a year in it tops for various reasons. I was just trying to clarify the statement above about the service indicator light being red - presumably he is not resetting the indicator each time he does an oil change. Yeah I don't mind fixing things myself, have done on my E46 but when it comes to work that needs the car raised up, then I need to go to a garage and it will cost more. Cheers.
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