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BMW X5 Gearbox faults any ideas ???

Hi Have a BMW x5 4.6 E53
Having probs with the gear box
bit worried about it to tell you the truth have went through all the threads on here regarding gearbox faults.

Recently got the gearbox oil changed and the level is correct rechecked it today.

we first took two litres out of the box and refilled and ran it for 50 miles to flush it through the box .
Then replaced all the oil and filter and refilled with oil

Since then the box not really engaging gear so driving it in manual which is smooth enough and go's up and down gears well when warmed up.

but first thing in the mornings for first 10 mins car is reving and then slowly engages gear sometimes jumps to second itself even in manual (this is driving in Manual ) afraid to drive in auto.

it will drive along ok in manual after that for a while but on a motorway just at about 70 miles per hour after 5 mins will go into trans fail mode.

been in and out of garage past few days and left it this morning to get read the following 5 faults where coming up.

20 speed signal N-ab ( output)

30 Mechanical converter lockup clutch monitoring 1M

33 Gear monitoring 1M code 004

36 Gear monitoring 4 Code 005

3B Stall speed monitoring

The garage seems to think it might be a software problem ???? What do you think ??

He is going to take it to a friend BMW tech tomorrow and up grade gearbox software and engine software so the two of them is matched ... has anyone ever heard of matching the engine to the gearbox ?

what do you think ?? could it be software are is the gearbox on its way out ?? anyone come across these probliems before ??

Thanks ..
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