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Its fairly easy... I have factory NAV but you can even add without... IF you have factory NAV you have to add an video input device into the mix that can integrate a new video source into the factory wiring harness... I use the NAV-Tool unit. I believe it was around $200 on ebay... It is basically plug and play with no splicing required.. The NAV-Tool unit sits in-line with the factory NAV DVD unit in the rear of the vehicle. Once installed it gives you 2x video inputs... One for backup camera and the other for DVD player, TV Tuner or other source. There is a toggle switch that allows you to switch between the two sources.. you can run that toggle up to your dash area or in the arm rest box, etc. When toggled to "A" source you car NAV unit is the default video source.. when you put the car in reverse if you installed a backup camera that video source takes over the NAV screen. I used a high quality license plate frame camera and am very pleased with how it is working. Super crisp image and night time low light image is amazing... When you shift back to N or D, etc. the NAV screen then takes back over... IF you add a separate DVD player you can toggle to "B" and have that video source take over full time (regardless of shifting into reverse).. The NAV tool unit was $200 and the camera license plate was $125... For $325 and around an hour of your time you are in business...

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