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Unhappy Entire cooling system overhaul, 2001 X5 still overheating, cools when heater is on

Hello everyone,

I have a 2001 X5 3.0i. A few weeks ago, my accessories belt shredded. I took it to the repair shop, and the mechanic said that I needed to replace my water pump, thermostat/housing, pulley and belt. I had this replaced. When this was finished, I took it for a test drive and split the side on the radiator reservoir (due to not bleeding the system of air). I had this replaced and found out that in the process, someone had broken the thermostat for the tranny cooler. I replaced this, along with the fan clutch, and o-rings/clips for the tranny cooler. After this, I bled the lines, and took it for a test run. This is my question. I drove it for awhile and it kept cool. Then, I took it on the interstate, going about 70, and it started to get hot (at the 3/4 line on the temp gauge). I turned on the heat, and it immediately went back to the 1/2 mark on the temp gauge. I am wondering if anyone has any information or clues as to what may be causing this?? I would like to add that after having all of these parts replaced, my car sounds rough, and is making a new noise. (Sounds like a whine of some sort)....any suggestions?
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