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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
The components requiring professional 'flush' are all those that contains oils, hydraulic fluids and other fluids. My mechanic said that unless you're a qualified BMW service engineer, you run the risk of servicing your car improperly. It's your choice. It's a risk you take in servicing your own car. A mechanics background however, if you have one, would of course help, but BMW cars, like Mercedes, are designed differently and include subtle interrelationships between separate parts that would not be known to people who have not been educated about them.

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I hear you, but what flyace is saying brought back some memories. Yes some dealers can't be trusted at all. My dealer left that fuel line up front disconnected or partially connected, basically it's suppose to "snap" and it didn't. So what happened when the wife floored it on the way home, it cut out on her. Home was much closer than the stealer and the way she described the shutdown sounded like a simple fix to me.

I tackled it and found that hose not snapped back after smelling STRONG odor of fuel while cranking right in that area. Of course the dealer said no it wasn't us, but they did my valley pan two days prior. Then my poor buddy who bought his 2011 X5 BRAND NEW and the dealer screwed him so bad that he ended up giving it back. It all started when the serviced it with the wrong oil. Yes it's a diesel. My X5 is what prompted him to buy his, and now he hates BMW. He's on this here forums and did befriend me. Dealer really screwed him around.

I'm still trying to convince home to come back, but he's not wanting to just yet.
So while getting the service done professionally sounds sweet, it's not always as such.
Some of the techs have bad days and because its not their car, they don't care much.

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