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Do you maintain your x5 e53 yourself?...Your experience appreciated!

Originally Posted by 745iguy View Post
i have to disagree
every car is the same, changing spark plugs on cars with ignition coils its the same procedure different parts and tools. same with oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, ps fluid and wheel disc brakes.

the more vehicle specific flaws ie n62b44 weep hole coolant pipe leak problem, while is a bmw design flaw that is specific to bmw's v8 n62... is well publicly documented and easily manageable by any competent mechanic that has done his homework on the procedure, whether the aftermarket solutions or a stock replacement.

the way i see it is we are all here to help one another with solutions to problems and advice on procedures of regular or even vehicle specific maintenance. most of us (as i do) own a copy of TIS, INPA, progman, DIS, winkfp, ncsexpert and dashsoft, and follow the outlined procedures in any work like i did on my 745, or will do on my x5. except when they suggest something that is excessive; like removing the radiator to replace the water cooled alternator of an n62, when there is more than enough room to back it out without damaging the radiator fins.

to say that there is not any way a mechanically inclined person can work on a bmw if not certified is way too black and white, certain repairs are far more difficult and there are many comfort levels with some people where as; say if i had leaking valve stem seals on a v8, i would rather pay bmwoem1 (who is a certified tech and works at a dealer) the 2500 dollars and save myself the time and aggravation; but thats not to say that i cannot do it, forum members have done that job plenty of times. but i can do spark plugs brakes oil air filters and other basic maintenance things with my eyes closed. ive heard of people paying a dealer to shotgun parts at their cars when things are a bit uncertain for them. 800$ for a cps replacement, or 160$ to replace an oil pressure switch that can literally be removed and replaced in under 10 mins and is a 6$ part.. replacing entire transmissions when its as simple as a mechatronics gasket or even the mechatronic itself and it goes on and on.

but to each his own and i will continue to save all the money i don't spend at the dealers shop, or even an indy.

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I agree with you

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