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BMW computers cannot program your vehicle if you place in modules from other cars (and do not get those modules programmed to your vehicle). For example, if you replace your LCM and don't get it coded to your vehicles vin, there will be an issue. While someone with the proper tools can activate autolocking in 30 seconds regardless of what modules you have from "x" amount of cars, BMW computers do not operate in this same manner.

Originally Posted by Tanny View Post
The problem with someone doing handy work in their home is you would never know unless they told you. BMW mechanics are not gods, they are just educated mechanics that specialize in a certain type of car. As I said when I brought West Coast BMW my e65 7 series, they charged me 2 hours of labour, told me they were unable to program my car and said they fixed the grounding issue I had. On my way home, the grounding issue was still there. I called back the next day and all they told me was to monitor it.

Regarding the coding, they said they were unable to program my car because it had different modules from other cars in there...does that mean that if I replace any modules in a car (even though I replaced like for like due to the module being faulty) that the dealership programming would become useless. They told me to go find an independent mechanic that could program the car for me (all I wanted to do was set autolock on my key).

As for the general mechanic work, I know for a fact the dealerships use apprentices for the oil changes and general work. Only when it is specialized, the mechanic will use a specialist. I personally think $192/hr was very steep for what they did for me and my experience was not great to say the least. Since I got the E53, I have changed the spark plugs myself, the navigation lcd panel myself and repaired the side mirror where the gears were worn causing the window to not hold. Sure BMW could have changed my plugs for $192 but after watching the video, it was 4 screws and unplug the coil packs. Something that I do not think the average person is incapable of, and hardly needing a specialist for.

The LCD screen BMW would not touch and asked me to buy a new unit for. Again I searched youtube and repaired the screen with a new one I bought saving myself thousands in the process. I would not take on services myself, but when I can see myself saving money on little things that I can repair myself I am prepared to give it a go. Each to their own I guess.
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