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Lease Vs. Buy

Originally Posted by Capobranco View Post
Your spec will yield a compelling X3. I urge you to add DHP. Variable dampers permit you to adjust the suspension setting from comfort to sport. Your X3 will be fast - and DHP will allow you to more fully exploit the potential of your X3 35i M Sport in a variety of settings. The difference between comfort and sport is the edge that imparts a more secure "button down" feel, not just in the twisties, but also when you need to drive quickly on an interstate. Moreover, DHP will also give you sport variable steering. BMW EPS is not perfect, but I find the sport variable version in my X3 35i M Sport to be surprisingly engaging.
The choice of titanium and Mohave will complement and reinforce the very sporty persona of your X3 M Sport. Mohave is the less conventional, but more fashionable, visually interesting choice as opposed to the more obvious expected black. The black dash, headliner, and interior elements create a harmonious stage that frames the visual "punch" of Mohave. Mohave adds interest without being too obtrusive. Moreover, Wave wood provides a unifying influence and serves to accentuate the interiors very sporty lines by visually inviting your eye to appreciate the subtlety of the interior's complex surfaces. Generally, your overall pallet is very "M" - sporty, elegant, but serious a purposeful BMW.

Your X3 35i M Sport is a passionate choice. Many here may have different opinions but in the end it is your X3 and it should reflect your needs and desires. To the extent you are seeking opinions - I heartily concur with your choices.
Capobranco - Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Here is my next predicament. The following are my two options regarding my current situation. I have only 5 months left to accumulate the savings I need for this vehicle. I can save $20,000 exactly before having to pay in full when I return home. I can either:

A. Put 20k down and purchase the vehicle outright, 60 month loan. With an estimated payment of $728 per month or less depending on my interest rate. This will allow me to have the feeling of "owning" a vehicle, and customize as needed. But the downside is the large payment up front. I usually change cars every 3 years, but I think I would stick it out for at least 4 with this car, I have never owned one as nice.

B. Put 10k down on a lease pay $700 a month for a 15,000 per year/36 months. I drive A LOT, probably up to 2,000 miles a month. I have a long commute to work, and I will have to move somewhere in the country and drive there next year when I PCS to another duty station. If I go the lease option, I can take the 10,000 and pay off the rest of my debt. I will have about $6,000 left in debt when I get home. So I can zero out when I get home, and pick up the least for about the same. If I ever get deployed again, I can just cancel my lease and walk away with no questions asked.

So I can either A, buy the car and bite a huge down payment and pay off my debt with large contributions to my credit cards over 6 months, or I can pay half that down payment, but then have to start saving in case of overmilage, but I would probably just trade into another BMW, which I think if you trade into a new car you don't pay the milage penalty right? Just thought I would get your take. And I am not too versed on leasing. What specific "numbers" should I make the dealer show me, and what sort of "threshold" do I want to make sure to stay under? Thank you sir!
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