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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
I guess it could be different for different people for me it comes down to two main items where the DCT is inferior.

1. With an MT I can select exactly the gear I want directly without passing through other gears. Each gear has a physical location. I don't need to count or look to see what gear I'm selecting just move the selector to the gears location.

2. I can disengage the clutch with both hands firmly on the steering wheel with no distractions to the hands. This is big when driving on snow and ice and you want to "free-wheel" to recover grip. Today's electronics helps you with this but again this is handing over the control to the car.

So yes, an MT is about control, always have been. That said the DCT has other advantages so it's a difficult decision but for a GT3 I would absolutely want an MT with zero doubt. The turbo I would have with DCT so this is no big deal for me but the GT3 is a massive dissapointment with it's EPS 4W steering and PDK only. I worshipped that car due to it's purity, now it's just a very good car among others. I rather save the money and get a 911 CS
1. You could still select the exact gear you wanted with a PDK. Your act of thinking, "which gear am I in, how fast am I going, which gear should I go to?" takes immensely more time than it would take to blip a PDK up or down 3 gears.

2. You can disengage the clutch on a PDK with both hands on the steering wheel. You just pull both paddles back.
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