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How our X3 saved our lives

Howdy all, newcomer here.

Thought I'd introduce myself with what I feel is a great BMW story:

Last summer, my wife, two kids and I, were coming back from a trip to Wisconsin in my wife's 2011 X3. If you've ever driven through southwest Wisconsin, you'd know it is very hilly and wooded terrain with primarily two-lane roads.

We were on such a road and behind two vehicles - a large tanker truck carrying milk from a dairy and right behind it, a very large pickup truck (A Dodge Ram if I recall correctly). We are going up a slight incline, but there is plenty of visibility to the incoming lane and no vehicles coming our way.

The milk truck is poking along at about 45 mph in a 55 mph zone. I patiently wait for the pickup truck to pass on the long straightaway. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. When it becomes clear to me that the truck is NOT going to pass, I decide (perhaps rashly) to pass both vehicles and get on with getting home.

Literally the MOMENT I got next to the pickup, he FINALLY decides it's time to pass and without looking just lurches over into our lane.

Everything after that seems like it was in slow motion. The wife and the kids start screaming, I (somehow calmly) sharply turn the wheel to the left and dart across the oncoming lane. As I was in passing mode, this all had to be accomplished at something around 70 mph. So we careen onto a very rough shoulder - here is where the X3's handling and suspension saved our asses - despite literally JUMPING (talking all four wheels off the ground) across two drainage culverts - the vehicle stuck to the loose gravel like a champ, and finally came to a calm halt after some controlled braking.

Of course I was livid at the idiot that nearly killed us. But damn if that X3 didn't handle like a frigging rally car on our bouncy near-death ride.

At any rate, when it was time for me to pick a new car earlier this year, I went with a bimmer myself thanks to that experience. Of course, I didn't want something as "soccer mom-ish" as an X3 so I went with the 335i convertible. But I am definitely a BMW disciple now.
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