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Originally Posted by skiguy View Post
Oh ok so it hasn't been very long yet! I hope the excitement hasn't worn off! The other thing I am battling with is the 335i vs the X3. I feel like deep down the X3 is the perfect "everything" car, but there is that small part of me that just loves the feeling of a car too. It looks like you already have a car too, so that probably was not an issue for you? Do people compliment you on your choice? I don't see a lot of X3s in Savannah GA...I hope it stays that way, I don't like having the same car as everyone else!
335i vs. X3? - that's one angst riddled question. Given everything you have said up to this point, I am surprised by the question. A 335i is a fine machine but is not that accommodating for canines. Moreover, you are not going to take a 335i on a mountain dirt logger's road.

We all have different priorities in terms of what constitutes the "perfect" car. As I have said previously, I love fast, engaging cars I adore my M3. When I got my X3 35i M Sport w/DHP, I hoped it would provide a modicum of driving pleasure, at the very least I hoped I would not hate it. Wow I was and continued to be delighted with the sparkling alive lissome character of my X3. Perhaps the highest compliment I can give my X3, is that, after driving my M3, then switching into my X3 35i M Sport I feel no sense of driver's remorse. My X3 seductively growls, "jus' step on it and hold on we are about to dance!". Of course my X3 will never dance as well as my M3 - my X3 dances on stilts. Of course, stilts are just the ticket for getting to the trail head and the trip up to the mountain and back home is also fun. My X3 35i M Sport is the whole package - engaging - comfortable - functional - and endowed with a cool hip athletic persona - Vroommm!

Regarding - does my X3 35i M Sport get the occasional . Not so much...but even my M3 attracts little attention. In DC, BMWs are ubiquitous. As nice as my M3 is - and it is very nice - it is still just a BMW 3 series to most - same goes for my X3. Although, I must admit, even in DC, I do not see many X3s and fewer still X3 M Sports. Honestly, from my perspective, one of the things I like about BMW is that it has a "stealth" quality. Most don't notice, but those who do take notice, are real enthusiasts - which is nice. My M3 and my X3 M Sport quietly but confidently assert a self assured athleticism. In the end, I drive my M3 and my X3 35i M Sport for me - both cars put a giant grin on my face.

Writing this post - makes me want to drive - it's a beautiful day in the Mid-Atlantic - Nick and I are going to take the X3 out for a "spirited" drive...Vrrooommm!

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