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Let me try to view it from your shoes a bit.
Yes, I get that if you are a first time Bimmer owner and have an out of warranty problem you should still leave it the professionals. If you have no mechanical history or don't even know how to unscrew a light bulb, you should not be looking under the hood of a BMW. There are many new owners coming up asking for advice on what I would consider to be very minor issues. I have to calm myself by humbly remembering what it was like when I was new. Just give the information to the best of your ability (possibly references), and let the member take care of the rest.

There are people that hear that nasty quote from the dealer, run and then jump on forums for guidance. I've seen it quite a lot. Those individuals have the most issues. There was a member on the E90 side who took his servotronic motor off and couldn't get it back on.
I told that member they didn't do their homework prior to starting the VCG repair. The vehicle ended up getting towed many miles away to a dealership to finish the repair. (Just that motor)

What I'm getting at is if you can read instructions (the same ones the techs use), then add the input from some VERY knowledgeable members on here that has some experience, then one should be well. I've seen people who has never held a wrench or screwdriver before that did their own oil change and become so proud of themselves that they start crying.

You have to start somewhere. These forums are confusing also, especially when compared to some of the other ones out there, and all you want to do is get help. The moderators do their best to get the questions to the right people. You have to remember that when you're looking for help and you have an issue, you really don't know where to turn. All you want is that guidance to get you started. It is a truly lonely feeling for some. Maybe they bought the wrong car, but they still crave that help and we should give it when we can whenever they do find their way here.

If a member obviously did their homework before attempting repairs, gathering all necessary information that include possible damages, they would have no trouble at all. And those are the members who stay and share additional knowledge.
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