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Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
1. You could still select the exact gear you wanted with a PDK. Your act of thinking, "which gear am I in, how fast am I going, which gear should I go to?" takes immensely more time than it would take to blip a PDK up or down 3 gears.

2. You can disengage the clutch on a PDK with both hands on the steering wheel. You just pull both paddles back.
1. You can not select the exact gear without going through others. That act of thinking is part of what adds to the "engaging" part of driving a manual. And you actually don't need to think it all becomes intuitive after a while in a way that blipping through a DCT doesn't. At least not for me I still need to check the gear display often when driving my M3 with DCT. I'm not saying the manual is overall faster it isn't but it's more immidiate, intuitive and precise in gear selection in certain scenarios.

2. When you are in a slide or at the edge of grip and often need lightning fast reflexes and focus I prefer to only use my hands to steer not to fiddle with the paddles. It's imo much better to use a limb that is not used for anything else, your left foot. Now, with a lot of training you can likely eliminate the advantage but it's still not as clean for someone who has driven MTs for most of their lives. For younger drivers used to ATs it's another story.

Again DCT or MT depends on the car for me, it's not that I can't see or enjoy the advantages of the DCT, heck I bought one but for a car like the GT3 I would want an MT others will choose differently if the choice was there. It's the lack of choice that is the main complaint not the PDK as such.

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