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Re: Freebies when picking up?

Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
You do realized that now a days paying cash for a car actually reduce your negotiation power. Let me ask you, what exactly is the dealer's wholesale price? If you mean invoice price, it is very possible to go below that, but that is not the dealer's cost. If you think for one minute that any dealer would sell you a car at a lost, you more gullible than you know.

Did you ever consider I might be in the car business, related to someone who is, have a good relationship with a dealership, or perhaps just a really savvy consumer? Again, there are plenty of people out there making up dealer profits on new sales for the people who don't. Dealers don't make the money they use to on new cars because of the internet...period. They make it on service, parts, used stock, and emotional consumers.

Plenty of cash/wholesale deals to be had (not invoice, which is another marketing ploy BTW). You just have to work at it.

Secret? Quid-Pro-Quo. Help someone out and they help you.

Be honest, keep it simple, and don't get emotional. It's a car....not a rare gemstone.

Actually, if you want the best money deal on a car, never, ever, ever, buy new. But if you have to have that new car smell, then you have to work at it or just go ahead and do your best negotiating. I realize most people don't have the patience or time to really grind away at the process or cultivate relationships in the biz.

Best of luck!
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