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Hello, well I bought my 2005 BMW and I love the overall look of the car. It's just sexy period.

But...if anything goes can be a killer. Maybe I just got a bad one without knowing it but it seems like I'm putting mine in the shop about every few months. A few months after I first bought her a little plastic piece in the Moonroof broke that cost me over a $1K to replace, my amp has gone out, I've had 2 separate oil leaks, the adaptive lights have just malfunctioned and there was something else that I can't remember right now. So it may be just my car and I hope others aren't having this issue but geesh I'm tired of things breaking down. It's about 8 years old right now and I'm wondering if that's when things start going bad especially with this model. But I drive mine regularly. It doesn't stay in the garage like I've heard some others do the 6 series.

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