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Originally Posted by Want the Thrill View Post
I have a 2011 X3 (first year of production for the next generation) and have had zero major issues. The only thing I have had is a screeching drivers side window (when putting it up or down) that they can't seem to resolve. Other than that, the X3 has been flawless. The washer pump issue was only on the 2013 model. I have not seen it reported on any other of the MY's.
Thanks for the comments. To clarify what constitutes "major" and "minor" since your experience pertains to "major issues," in my case, the X5 did not have "major issues." Fine engine, car is fundamentally sound. However, SEL coming on with various emissions problems that the techies have difficulty pinning down (car drives fine), transmission fail safe coming on (only once with the car limping in mid-gear, other times the car drives fine), etc. are the types of problems that I'm referring to. You mention a screeching driver side window. Unless you keep your windows closed most of the time, I don't see how this constitutes a "minor" problem that can be ignored. On a $40K+ vehicle?

If the car's a lemon, or near-lemon, you can take clear-cut actions. But dependability is, unless I'm mistaken, not really about lemons which are catastrophic failures. When the problems are minor but chronic ones that drain time and money, then it gets on your nerve.

As a driver, I love my X5 V8. Tons of power, gurgling V8 engine, sturdy as a tank. That's why I kept it 8+ years. I'm willing to spend the dough to fix problems. The problem is they are not often fixed the first, second, or third time around.
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