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The hoses have spring clips built into them; there is no hose clamp. To remove a hose, pull the wire clip straight back until it stops (it will click). Pull the hose STRAIGHT BACK; DO NOT TWIST the hose trying to remove it.

To install, LIGHTLY coat the o-ring inside the hose end with silicone spray (Armor-All or similar). Open the clip (pull it back until it clicks). Push the hose straight onto the tank until it stops (it will only fit in one position; the hose and the tank have mating tabs). Push the wire clip toward the hose to secure it. Tug on the hose to make sure it's seated.

If you have an automatic, I can almost guarantee that you'll break the transmission cooler thermostat trying to remove it. Order a new one and keep it on hand just in case. You don't want to be three hours into this job and have to run out for a part. They're not that expensive.

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JUST...LOOK...UNDER...THE...CAR....for`s like checking to see if a dog is male or female....
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A bimmer with forced induction should have a proper manual gearbox. Anything less is like french kissing your sister.
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