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Let's cut this up into some manageable topics...

I honestly don't know if the DIS system can be used to pair an EWS to the DME. Both are capable of being accessed via OBD-II devices. Some of the higher end programming systems can pair a transponder via OBD-II, which is solely an EWS thing. Honestly, I have never understood why devices like the AK90 need to exist. They almost function as in-circuit emulators, which seems like it is way harder to develop than a pure software OBD-II based application. But I digress.... The point is, step #1 is to get those two paired. At the very least, that will likely require that the VIN be written to the EWS. Whether there is more required in the pairing is something I do not know. Your BMW dealer definitely should be able to help you there (actually, in all of this... I can't imagine they have never replaced an EWS!).

The second part of what you are asking is the transponder within the key. At *most* that is all you would have to replace, but I doubt that is even required. By definition, if they have a device that is capable of pairing the EWS to the DME (which, as I said, is definitely writing data to the EWS), then it stands to reason that they should be able to pair the transponder chip to the EWS as well. The VIN that is written into the transponder, of course, doesn't need to be changed, so I think you should be OK. To be fair, however, I can't tell you everything the AK90 does when it writes the data to the transponder chip. The only things I am sure are done are to write the key location, VIN and mileage to the transponder. If other "stuff" is also written (such as a random code) then that is unknown to me. That said, I would think any dealer programming system should be able to manage this...

The remote part of the key is completely different from the transponder. The remote is 'talking' to the DME, which you are not changing. Therefore, you should be fine there. I assume your remote is already working.

Final caveat... I am assuming your DME and EWS are fundamentally the same as those found in my 2002 Mini Cooper. I *think* it is but we are talking about different cars and potentially different generations of electronics so your mileage may vary.

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