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If a dealer sold you a new EWS control module...then you need to get it coded to your car. The EWS system uses an ISN (individual serial number) that is specific to each BMW based on its VIN. Whether the ISN & VIN are one in the same...I don't know....but I did notice in this thread that it was repeatedly mentioned that the VIN needed to be coded into the EWS control module...where BMW refers to an ISN that is shared between the key's transponder EEPROM, EWS control module, and DME/DDE. Take note of the 2nd paragraph in the info below on initial EWS programming as the vehicle comes off the assembly line...again, you need to have the new EWS-CM you purchased coded with the info from your car's original DME:

A new EWS-CM that's coded to your car, should have the same ISN coded to it that is already written to the DME (the DME can't be overwritten) if you still have spaces left (of the total of 10 keys)....then you shouldn't need new keys...the old ones will have the same ISN as the DME...and the new EWS-CM should be coded with the existing ISN from the old EWS-CM and the original DME.

The other 2 features of the remote keys are DWA (anti-theft alarm siren system) and FZV (central locking)...and as mentioned multiple times in this thread...can be done in your driveway following a simple procedure. A new key ordered through BMW will come already coded with the correct EWS ISN which only leaves DWA/FZV to be programmed.

Also, the DWA/FZV features of any BMW key with the same frequency (315 MHz in No America or 433 MHz Europe & other markets) can be programmed to your BMW...that's why the ones purchased on eBay can be programmed to lock/unlock & arm/disarm your car...but it can't be made to start your car. And the DWA/FZV features are the ones that are powered by the battery inside the key...EWS doesn't need the is self powered thru induction by a 125 KHz signal sent from the EWS-CM to the Ring Antenna to the coil inside the key which powers the EEPROM.

BMW DIS/GT-1 or some of the aftermarket software/hardware (Carsoft, INPA for example) can communicate with the BMW proprietary system to code a new EWS-CM to the car. OBD II is not the correct terminology...OBD II is the federal mandate for electronic engine emissions...and only has limited communication with only a couple of the control modules. In BMWs built from 10/2000-up...the 20 pin DLC in the engine bay was dropped and access to the car's communication BUS system is made thru the OBD II connector...but extra pins were added to the connector...and again, OBD II only has access to the TXD II lines...where as having the correct software/hardware set-up...allows access to the ALL the proprietary BMW control modules on the CAN/Diagnostic/I/K/M/P bus.

As you can see in the topological chart below...EWS is on the K-BUS and the FZV/DWA features of the remote keys is on the P-BUS (by way of the GM)...a generic OBD II scanner/reader can't access these modules unless it has been specifically designed to communicate over the aformentioned communication bus lines. That's why BMW DIS/GT-1 or aftermarket software/hardware is required.

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