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Originally Posted by invictvs View Post
I see. The remote works, it's just the EWS that's the issue. From what is written here on this thread it seems that each EWS comes with a certain allotment of possible keys and that a previously coded key cannot be made to work with a different EWS.

Replacing the transponder chip with a blank, from what you've said, seems to my only non-dealer option, but that is above my current skill and definitely out of my means ($200+ for the equipment for this one job). That and I think he wants this car done sooner rather than later and I've held him up for a whole already.

So if the dealer supplies us with a key or two, and then I manage to code/realign the EWS, it should be good, right?

I would prefer the dealer code the EWS but I wonder if they would even do that without the car present.

And here I thought this was going to be a quick 10min coding

Thanks man.

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You are missing one key piece of info. The dealer will only provide you with a key that is based on the car's VIN. The original EWS had codes stored in it for 10 keys based on the VIN. If you have another EWS, it will not have the proper key codes stored in it. The dealer will not be able to sell you keys for that replacement EWS unless it is coded properly. There is a company called RPM Motorsport in Canada that can do this and provide new keys far cheaper than the dealer will do it. They can probably code the EWS you have. It involves sending them the EWS and keys and I believe turnaround is about 5 working days. If you are not going to buy an AK90, this is the next best option you have. Google them and you will be able to look up the services they provide and prices.

I am basing the cost savings from the Canadian guys on comparison with the local cost for a key in NJ. I paid $230 for a key from Freehold BMW, closest dealer to me. I know this is a gross overcharge but I needed it quickly. If your dealer will charge a more reasonable rate, then maybe it is a decent option. It all depends on what they will charge for coding the EWS and the key(s). I think RPM Motorsports was about $360 for 4 keys and coding my EWS. 2 of the 4 keys were non remote keys. It has been a while since I checked out their prices. I will say that when I called them to discuss, they sounded knowledgeable.

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