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Originally Posted by MiniCooper2002 View Post
... However, I disagree on one small point...The directions on the net regarding how one pairs the *remote* section of a key (i.e. not the transponder) to a car are downright misleading and wrong. Generally, they describe a sequence of lock/unlock sessions after having turned the ignition on/off within 5 seconds (or some variant thereof).

Those directions do not pair the remote to the DME, they resynchronize a key that has been previously paired. A rolling code is used to ensure that a remote cannot be easily compromised. However, the remote and its seed must first be paired using DIS. This is where the barcode information that comes with a brand new remote come into play. ...
Great post and you almost have it all understood...but I think you're getting tripped up like many owners with the 3 features in the remote key. EWS/DWA/FZV are all 3 features/systems that are incorporated into the remote keys that work in conjunction with each other, communicate with each other, but are completely different systems.

The first sentence in the quote above is where some confusion throws off your theory & understanding. DWA & FZV (anti-theft alarm siren system & central locking) programming of keys are controlled by the GM III (not the DME)...and yes, there's a "rolling table" of codes...but the FZV/DWA table is DIFFERENT than the table that is communicated between the EWS's rolling code table. The initialization instructions that you wrote as being "downright misleading and wrong"....are actually correct and work without any connecting hardware that needs to speak to the DME. Again because initialization for FZV/DWA is communicating with the GM III not the DME (you can also see this in the topological BUS chart that I previously posted).

In fact, you can purchase a used or new BMW key off eBay (or take a fellow BMW owners remote key and program it to lock/unlock & arm/disarm (FZV & DWA) your car by following the procedure below (from the BMW TIS)...also note that the "rolling table" is referred to...but it also explains that the communication is with the GM...not the DME for synching remote keys.

Also, either style of the keys illustrated in the instructions below can be synced to ANY other BMW model (only to lock/unlock & arm/disarm) that uses either of these two types of keys as long as the battery inside the key is charged. A problem that you can run into though is...the new style (diamond shaped) key's internal battery is soldered to the IC board inside the key...and is recharged while the key is in the ignition. If you have the older style key, upgrading to the new style key requires a method to keep the key charged so that you can lock/unlock & arm/disarm the car. :

Once again, the remote keys have THREE features:
  1. EWS - immobilizing system (Ring Antenna/EWS-CM/DME)
  2. FZV - central locking system (antenna in rear window or side window on Tourings/Receiver in C-pillar or tailgate (on e53)/GM III)
  3. DWA - anti-theft alarm siren system (antenna in rear window or side window on Tourings/Receiver in C-pillar or tailgate (on e53)/GM III)

FZV & DWA are controlled through the GM III (not the DME)

When a key (remote or non remote) is "barred" is being barred thru EWS to prevent it from starting the car. To prevent a remote key from locking/unlocking & arming/disarming your car...all it takes is to resync the keys using the instructions above (ignition on for 5 sec/remove and press buttons/etc) and ANY remote key that is not programmed during that session will NO LONGER have the ability to remotely lock/unlock & arm/disarm the car. And conversely...any remote key that follows STEPS 3 - 5 will now have the ability to lock/unlock & arm/disarm YOUR car. But it will no longer lock/unlock & arm/disarm the car it was previously programmed to. And this is done without any connections to to the DLC or OBD II connector to communicate with the DME.

Also note the WORKSHOP HINT in the highlighted gray area in the info below about EWS 3.3 mentions that ANY key can be tested for "remote" operation (FZV/DWA) but to have BOTH car's set of remote keys available because when you go to reprogram the keys for each car respectively...any original remote key not at the programming session will no longer operate to lock/unlock & arm/disarm the car its made for (without another programming session where ALL remote keys are available).

Hope this clears things up for you...because you have 99% of everything else to clarify the confusion for the many owners out there that don't understand EWS/FZV/DWA...especially with that AK90 aftermarket tool you have to write the ISN to a blank EWS transponder in order to have a key purchased from a non BMW dealership actually work.
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