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You clearly know more about this than I do, that is for darned certain! I thank you for your input here...

I don't have an alarm on my car so there is a gap of knowledge there. Phrased differently, my knowledge is limited to my car. And with that, I have to wonder if what you are saying is related to a generation of electronics that succeeds what I have in my 2002 Mini Cooper. I went through hell and high water with ever type of scheme I found on the internet to pair my remote to the FZV (actually, I did know it wasn't the DME at one time but when I wrote the post I had forgotten that tidbit). I was not alone. Another guy went through the same hassle and what we found was that the 2002 and 2003 Mini Coopers (possibly the 2004) required that you first pair the key via DIS. Required == Mandatory. The later cars did away with that, so I have been led to believe... To pair the remote, I had to enter three or four sets of alphanumeric data via DIS. Ordinarily this data is provided on a little sheet of paper that is attached to the key. If you don't have that info, you are screwed, pure and simple. Or wait... Now you are not! There is a sticky on the board that has two bits of information, a date and a code. the Code has been reverse engineered to provide the required data for DIS.

I am absolutely 100% sure that this was required for my 2002 Mini Cooper. But that is the limit of my experience.
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