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I've got both the E66 760li and F25 X3 xDrive35i. Here's what I think about the two vehicles (obviously, there will be some differences, as the 760 and 750 have different engines, but dynamics/aesthetics should be the similar):

Driving: The X3 is more fun to drive through twisty roads (in Sport+ mode), while the 760 is more fun in a straight line
  • the X3 feels much more nimble/agile than the 760, even with its electric power steering (Sport+ mode only)
  • the transmission is much quicker shifting in "manual" mode in the X3, and overall a better feeling than the 760
  • the 760 feels more planted through the turns than the X3 does (due to the larger size, heavier weight, and wider tires), but you can feel how hefty the car really is as you push it
  • the 0-60 time of both are pretty similar, but the 760 is a complete horsepower/torque monster. The X3 will give out at its top end, but the 7 just keeps going
  • the X3's braking is really horrible compared to the other BMW's I've owned, and doesn't feel as precise as the 760's

Interior: 7 is much more comfortable/luxurious than the X3, but X3 has more to offer in terms of infotainment.
  • the 7 is much better than the X3 in terms of quality of materials
  • the 7's interior looks better in my opinion, but this is subjective
  • the X3's seats aren't nearly as comfortable/configurable as the 7's seats
  • the X3's iDrive system is MUCH better than the 7's iDrive (one of the worst infotainment systems I have EVER used, aside from the 1st gen iDrive), and the X3 offers more functionality than the 7
  • the 7's sound system is much better than the X3's, but again, this is subjective

A lot of what I mentioned is common knowledge, but I thought I'd share anyways. Overall, I prefer the X3 as a daily driver. It's got more use able features in terms of infotainment, its cheaper on fuel, and easier to manage (i.e., smaller). This is due mainly to the age of the E66 platform (11 years old now?). If I were to compare a new 7 to the X3, however, my opinion would be much different. Good luck with your decision
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