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Just purchased a 2003 760li with only 44k miles from a dealer near Dallas, Tx. Driven off the transportation truck and it stalled. Went to fill up the gas tank and fuel drained all over the ground under the fill neck. Got it to the BMW Dealership and $1300.00 later I had new emission parts, charcoal canister, fuel pump, etc. which fixed the gas filled charcoal canister so now at least the fuel tank can be filled. Well, the stalling continued at cold idle for about 3 or 4 miles then after a hot soak the V-12 would exhibit long cranking times. Now the dealer says I need a high pressure fuel pump at a cost of just over $2500.00. And this is at only 44,000 miles! I called BMW USA. The customer service representative said "sorry". So I sent an email to BMW USA and the same customer assistance representative called me back and reiterated "sorry". He admitted that they have high pressure fuel pump failures but not really that many on the V-12. He did sound a little surprised that a fuel pump could cost $2500.00 and the vehicle actually has two. So no help from BMW USA. "Sorry" Next was a complaint to the Auto Safety Administration. No response yet after about two weeks. So basically plan on replacing both hpfp's during your ownership that can happen anytime or anyplace. Usually you stall in the middle of traffic or it is really great when going around a corner at a busy intersection, lose power steering and coast to a stop in that beautiful $125,000 + BMW that dies and won't start in front of people who gave all kinds of hand signals to me. I'm not sure what they all mean but I think they are saying don't buy stupid BMW it you want to park it in the middle of a busy highway unless you want to get killed. Even a school bus honked his horn behind me since I just sat there trying to start this great car. And the other man who was screaming at me for some reason, I think he was saying to move my car but I couldn't understand him. Some strange language! So the final resolution is: The very nice BMW Dealer in Ocala, FL who gave me a loaner car that doesn't stall will fix the hpfp for just over $2500.00, a discounted price for one pump. And thanks BMW USA Customer Assistance, you really have convinced me want to buy another BMW in the future. Buyers beware: Set aside $5,000.00 in a kitty for when you need high pressure fuel pumps for your BMW.
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