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Thanks for your concern

Thank you for the response. Very interesting about the battery situation. I purchased the vehicle from Fischbone Motors out of Farmers Branch, Tx. Scott is the owner. I saw the ad on who later sent me an email survey requesting my opinion of the used car dealer and sale. My comments of course were extremely poor and would not recommend that dealer to anyone. I even spoke to Scott who remained mute and uncommitted about any problem or about the flat out lies from the salesman about the car's condition. When the BMW was unloaded from the carrier in Central Florida, the battery was dead. The driver was aware of that because he said the car died prior to putting it on the carrier and the car had to be jumped to start upon loading. So he jumped the battery again and one of my employees drove it about 1500 feet towards my business and then the car died. We all thought it was the battery so we left a charger on it overnight (February 2012 mfg battery) and it started just fine but before I got to the gas station about 1 block away it died again. The fuel gauge read 1/4 so as I tried to put fuel in the tank, fuel went all over the station's driveway, but then was able to only get about 3 or 4 gallons in. After the engine went in closed loop and was warmed up it ran quite well so I drove it to BMW Ocala, FL. Extremely nice people, put me in a 2013 5 Series for almost a week while they ordered parts and tried to make the repairs. That is the dealership who found the canister filled with fuel. After those repairs were made where they said they had fixed the stalling I left, only to find out the next day it ran worse and stalled several times. So back it went and that is where it is right now waiting for a hpfp. And I am back in a new Series 5 loaner. Honestly, the BMW Dealer in Ocala couldn't be better, but a 10 year old car not purchased new, but only had 44,000 miles, really doesn't qualify for dealership goodwill. And then to beat all this I just got the title in the mail. Guess what? It was a REPO.

No big deal because the car basically is in beautiful condition with the low miles, however, just another dishonest ploy by Fischbone Motors to make a sale. It's the nearly $4,000.00 in repairs already and I haven't even been able to drive it. And I am the latest "target" at work with the jokes shot at me for buying a BMW.

Yes, I am familiar with AGM battery chargers, in fact, we have a new Odyssey Charger at work I can use. But what I did not know is what you are stating about having a complete and full charge relating to stalling. Actually, Battery Minder has a 12 volt wet/agm/gel charger that has a desulfator built in. We sell the 36 & 48 volt versions for golf cart batteries and we feel are the best on the market for charging and desulfating 6/8/12 volt batteries. When I get the car back I will run the battery on the Battery Minder for a few weeks.

Thanks for reminding me about Yelp and of course the BBB. has 7 surveys on line about Fischbone Motors. 3 of the 7 are horrible. Scott, the owner of Fischbone Motors refutes all of them. Unfortunately, I didn't see them prior to my purchase of the vehicle. They are a despicable used car dealership dealing in classic cars and they will ultimately fail and go out of business. I will ultimately get the bugs out of the car and have a nice black BMW 760li as I set out to find and with low miles. It's just too bad that there are unscrupulous dealers out there like that and it's too bad BMW's goodwill or policy adjustment decisions on known safety issue concern parts aren't dealt with differently. Would I buy another BMW from the Ocala BMW Dealership - Absolutely! Would ever buy from or recommend Fischbone Motors - Not on my life!

And thanks again for showing your concern. This website is awesome and I have learned a lot about BMWs, especially myself coming from a General Motors background.
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