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Originally Posted by poker838 View Post
The first option is available when ignition is off and car in accessory mode, ie when you first shut off the car and about to make a quickie stop at Starbucks. This is similar to the REST mode on older BMW and Benz, but the difference is that this one is buried under menus and can only be triggered within the first few minutes after stop.
And on my car (and others'), the option is greyed out. Why?

(EDIT: "within the first few minutes after stop" - is this true? I couldn't find any documentation of this limitation and will have to try it after my next drive. Thanks!)

The second and third options are timers that can be set anytime but will only run when everything is powered off. You do need to set this up after each run. The timers won't rerun itself on a daily basis
And on my car, setting the timers doesn't do anything when the time comes. The timers reset, but no venting takes place.

Both of these things run counter to my understanding (which parallels yours) and the description online and in the manual, which makes me wonder whether the car has a problem, or even whether the functionality was enabled in MY2014. That's why I asked the question here.

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