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Locked in...but can't get it out

Originally Posted by Doug in NC View Post
For anyone else reading this thread, it's dangerous to pull a trailer with this hitch showing red. It shows green when fully seated in the bracket. I also make sure that the key lock is turned to the lock position so that the release can't be turned all the way to removal. I don't want that hitch coming loose while I'm pulling a trailer!
I am the new owner of 2014 Deep Sea Blue 28i with the BMW hitch. Love the car. After reading this thread I was able to figure out how to get the hitch indicator to turn green. My problem now is that I cannot get the receiver off.

Which way should the key be to be in the unlocked position ? Do people find you need to put strong force on the knob to get it to move to the un locked position ?

I can go back to the dealer, but I was hoping someone on here can help.

UPDATE: Never mind. I did not understand that you need to push the lever in before pushing down to unlock the assembly. Yes there is a picture on the assembly...I just did not understand it. It would have been nice to get instructions for the hitch. I do really like the hitch. Looks good. Not too obtrusive when not in use. Once you know how to do it...very reassuring that it is locked and ready to go.

Now I need to remove the back plate so that my bike rack will fit into to receiver. Why BMW had to make the tube short is a mystery to me.

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