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Oil Sensor accuracy????

Two months ago, while driving, a warning flashed that I should add a quart of oil ASAP. I had the oil changed only 10 weeks prior, so I doubted that it would need oil already. I pulled over and shut the engine off then restarted. At that point I ran the check oil level and it showed it was at the max. Yesterday the warning came on again, so I pulled over to check the level after I restarted it said the oil level was OK but only showed about 1/4 over the min. So I stopped at the dealership on my way home and they put a quart of oil in but the level still shows about 1/4 over min. After driving today I checked the level again and the level has not changed. I really wish it had the "old fashion" dipstick to check oil levels. I read a few other posts on this problem but I could not find a definitive outcome. How many others experienced this problem? BTW: The representative at the dealership stated it was not unusual for BMWs to need oil added between changes. - I find that somewhat disconcerting.
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