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Originally Posted by Drewsky View Post
I read somewhere - I cant recall if it was here in this forum or another one - but I recall someone saying that the style of kidney grills were engine dependent, which would explain why the parts guy had trouble. That might be worth a try. The parts catalog has different part numbers too:

Titanium (stock) x35i: 51117237421 and 51117237422
Black/Black: 51712297589 and 51712297590
Stock on a x28i: 51117210725 and 51117210726
Thanks for the info and parts numbers! You are correct that they were engine dependent, which is why they were not coming up for the 35i. They ship overnight from Germany and will be installed and ready when we take delivery (hopefully later this week).
They were $86 Canadian per side. No charge install, of course.
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