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So I clay-bar'd the 3er today for the first time.

I am a newbie to the OCD philosophy, but I'm learning...would be interested in any constructive criticism to this regime:

First step was washing the car. I did it at 7AM, so no water spots. Washed wheels first, using 2 caps of car wash liquid (ok, its turtle wax car wash stuff from costco, but I have a lot of it so I'm going to use it up ). Took car around block to make sure water was off the rotors.

Emptied bucket. Fill new bucket with one cap of car wash stuff; wash car; dry with water blade, then synthetic chamois. Went through inside with damp MF towel for dust etc. Cleaned windows inside and out using Autoglym Glass Polish on a MF towel. Remove glass polish with new MF towel.

Sprayed tires with tire dressing (the foamy kind). (I had some of the goppy stuff and I was going to make them "jet focking black" but decided not to j/k)

Ok, so car is basically as clean as I usually have it, and I run my hand over the paint. Its clean but doesn't feel very smooth i.e. its not gritty but not smoooooooth...

I got out my Meguires clay bar and QD spray kit I'd bought. I kneaded the bar into two small patties. I dropped the first pattie on the ground ( ) and threw it away. since I did not want to pick up dirt and put it on the car.

I was surprised how little pressure I ended up using on the bar. A few quick spritz's of the QD spray and basically "wiped" the bar on the paint was all I did. I covered a small area at a time, then wiped off the excess using a clean MF towel.


The paint was smoother than a woman's ... erm, sorry, I mean, the paint was extremely smooth. It was like, I don't know, glass, maybe, but very clean. You could really tell that the clay bar had removed a "layer" of gunk on the paint. I find it astonishing that the clay bar using the QD spray and just lightly holding it on the surface could have such an effect on the finish, but it did. For example, on the trunk lid and hood I just guided the bar along, letting gravity hold it on the finish.

I finished up by applying a layer of the last of my remaining MBZ car wax and threw the empty container in recycling (Time for new wax). Job done!
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