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My what and what is missing? What?

Hey guys, okay, so I had my car at both a BMW dealer and a well known BMW master certified indie shop. I had my car at BMW for a detail and the indie shop for a change of oil and fluids and boot replacement. I get the car back, and on the weekend my wife says the car didn't chirp when I opened the doors. I said you're right, I didn't think anything of it as I guess maybe BMW accidentally shut the sound off, then when I am backing up the car my wife notices that the parking sensor isn't making any noise. So now I'm like what the hell...

Take it to BMW and they tell me that my siren is missing, and that the parking sensor unit is missing. What?

I asked them how the hell can that be?

The only place I left my car over night was at BMW and I was at the Indy shop all day with them....

So I don't know what to do?

Any suggestions? Because this has left me completely confused....
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