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Originally Posted by jhamm18 View Post
Ok. I have a 2003 BMW X5. It'll start in the mornings and then after I drive it for a while and turn it off, it won't turn back on. It doesn't turn over at all, but all the electronics come on. It only does this when it is hot outside and it isn't ever a problem in the winter. And, I have to let it sit for a few hours before I can start it back up. But... as of yesterday it doesn't start at all, no matter how long I let it sit. The battery is only a year old and jumping the car doesn't do anything, also the alternator was replaced about two years ago because we thought it wasn't charging the battery but that wasn't the problem, and the starter was replaced last week and that wasn't the problem either. I have no idea what else could be wrong someone please help.

OK so i went out to try all of that and all the electronics work but the car didn't turn over at all. and then I tried putting it in neutral and it started right off the bat no problem, so I put it in park and then turned it off and immediately back on and it started. So, now I'm still really confused
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